Rugby! The ever becoming popular game is her, Becoming even greater known around the world. It’s a fun and exciting sport. But, in order to play the game competitively or as a starter the rugby gear is a must in order to be safe and play a great game with the passion of winning and winning just good. Your rugby kit will assure you to be protected completely. Therefore it’s important to walk on a few requirement of the gear:
1. Apparel
Rugby is complete with the right set of the rugby kit. The outfit will ideally include a pair of shorts and the rugby jerseys. This is made of a strong fabric, light in weight and is durable adhering to the best quality standards. Cotton is of the recommended and popular material to stick with.
Rugby shirts will have sleeves that are short and a high collar. It could be skin hugger with the modernized era. A traditional gear would be a little loose on the body. It depends on how the team likes the outfit to be.
2. Footwear
Good footwear which is durable and strong is needed for this game. The rugby shoes are called to be rugby boots that lasts strong and long. They are Similar to soccer cleats and have studs that are required according to the coach. Usually you find 3 or 4 studs on the boots.
3. Body Kit
A rugby kit needs to be strong enough but it should not be hard enough to make the player feel uncomfortable or inflexible during g the game. Moving is a core in this game needing high level of flexibility. You need to support and protect your shoulders and chest with padding.
Head and Mouth Guard
Safety is a key. As much fun as the game is, it’s double the danger to injure yourself. Therefore it’s important to wear a head, a thick helmet and a mouth gear, in order to protect the Jaw, teeth, lip and the tongue. These are sensitive areas to care of strictly.