Elastic Adhesive Rugby Multi Wrap

Elastic Adhesive Rugby Multi Wrap


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Product Description

Tried & tested Rugby Multi Wrap strapping. Has elasticated properties suited for general strapping. High adhesive & individually wrapped. Here’s some specification :-High quality extensible tension for correct positioning.Air permeable adhesive to help prevent skin maceration.Fluffy non-fray edges to prevent the bandage from marking the skin.Rolled edges at the ends of the plastic cores This makes the EAB cores much easier to hold for multiple applications, greatly reducing any soreness of the fingers or thumbs whilst holding cores.Maintains the original size, does not constrict.Flexible for pressure dressings.Yellow line to simplify accurate overlap during application.Individually wrapped.It is ideal for :-Protecting ears in the scrum Supporting fingers, thumbs, wrists etc. Securing bandages Sock tie-upsOur strapping is premium gradeColour Black””Sizes: 5.0cm x 4.5m