Acti Loop Ionic/Magnetic Bracelet

Acti Loop Ionic/Magnetic Bracelet


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Product Description

If you’re looking for a sporting accessory that helps promote improved well-being and lifestyle benefits, the Trion:Z Acti Loop Ionic/Magnetic Bracelet offers an award winning design.Combining the natural power of magnets and negative-ions, from a scientific perspective then the polarized technology stimulates and provides beneficial magnetic energy to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and decrease muscle discomfort often caused by lactic acid.In no way hindering any sporting or leisure activity, the stylish and sleek design sits lightly on your wrist and it’s also waterproof meaning there’s no activity off limits.Certainly not restricted to professional athletes, no matter what your level or sporting background then this wristband offers a powerful form of alternative medicine and a wide range of benefits for you to experience.””