Originated in England, Rugby is played as rugby union and rugby league. The league games have 13 payers and the union has 15 payers. The union players can contest possession following the tackle, while the league team in possession if fails to score in six tackles should pass on the possession to the other team. The union players can keep the possession of the ball for an unlimited number of tackles before scoring. Rugby is played on a grass pitch that varies in size according to the two games. Rugby union fields are usually 100 metres in length and 60 metres in width. The sidelines are called touchlines. Each goal line has an H shaped goal post. The familiar oval shaped rugby balls are used in the game, which is not allowed to be thrown forward but which the players have to run with or kick to gain ground. The game is played in 40 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time break.
A rugby game is started with the kicking of the ball high and short to the opposing forwards or away from the forwards by kicking it long and deep on the referees whistle. The ball must travel forward at least 10 metres and land in bounds. The first kick-off is determined by a coin toss. The kicker’s forwards will attempt to catch the ball themselves. Whichever team’s forward who manages to catch the ball will try to advance the ball by running into the opposition players, who will try to gain the possession of the ball. The supporting forwards of the player will then bind around him to keep the possession. If more than two players have bound together around the player, and if he still has the ball in his hands, then it is called a maul. If the ball falls on to the ground then the bound players are called a ruck. If a player, who is not joined in the ruck or maul, runs into the zone from behind the imaginary offside line at the back of each team’s players, then it is known as an offside. The penalty is then given to the other team.
A scrum is used in rugby league to restart the game after a penalty. The rugby union uses a line-out in this case. Rugby teamwear is significant in distinguishing players of each team. They have different colours, designs, stripes and logos. Rugby teamwear includes the shirt or a jersey, socks and shorts. If the ball is trapped in a ruck or a maul without much chance of it being retrieved, a scrum is called for. Rugby balls are usually passed laterally or backwards. Forward passing is not allowed in the game. The forwards of the game consist of front, second and back rows. The backs form into half-backs, three quarters and fullbacks.